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Veterinary Surgeons

We have a team of four dedicated veterinary surgeons who cover our three surgeries around Torbay, with many years of veterinary experience between them. The team is led by our Veterinary Director Cath Meakin. Working alongside her is Richard Maloney, Ewelina Ciupek-Anandan and Cate Albert. 

All our vets attend CPD courses every year to ensure they are up to date with the latest developments in veterinary medicine and pet care in order that you and your pets can access the highest veterinary care.

Manager and Receptionists

Our practice manager, Vanessa Easton, is based at Grosvenor Road and can be contacted by telephone, email or via this website.

At Paignton in our reception team  we have Meg, Izzy, and Rosie.

At Brixham in Summercourt Way, we have receptionist Yasmin.

At Cadewell Lane Torquay we have receptionist Sue.

Medical enquiries will generally be passed on to one of the veterinary surgeons or nurses.


Our nursing team is led by our Head Nurse, Sarah, and she is supported by our qualified veterinary nurses: Deputy Head Nurse Kirsty. Nurses: NickyBryony, Lucy, Anna and Rebekah.

We are an approved training centre for veterinary nurses and we are pleased to have Leah who is our student veterinary nurse.

We also have Beth who is an animal nursing assistant.

Our nurses are available for advice on numerous topics including worming and vaccination of animals. Nurses also have a vital role in assisting at operations, supervising in-patients and running Nurse Clinics.

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