Pets and Fireworks

Top Tips from Silverton Vets:

  • Close windows and black out the ‘doggy play area’ to remove any extra problems caused by flashing lights
  • Provide plenty of familiar toys and other things they enjoy. Change these regularly so there’s plenty of stimulation
  • Ignore the firework noises yourself. Play with a toy to see if your dog wants to join in, but don’t force them to play.
  • Try to provide background sounds from the radio or television. Not necessarily loud as long as there is a constant distracting noise which will prevent your dog from concentrating on the noise outside.
  • If you have a cat make sure they have somewhere to hide if they want to. This may be under some furniture or in a quiet corner.
  • Don’t try to tempt your cat out as this will cause it to become more stressed.
  • Keep your pet indoors overnight
  • Walk dogs during the day

Prepare in advance by providing your dog with a safe place, quiet and somewhere they will feel safe.

Devices releasing natural occurring calming pheromones that help reassure your pet are now available. Call the surgery to speak to a nurse or receptionist who will be happy to discuss Adaptil and Feliway with you.

We have more information on noise and stress to pets on our owner factsheets.