Exotic Pets

We are happy to examine and give advice on a range of unusual species kept as pets.

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All rabbits are born with the instinct to run when handled (after all they are prey in the wild), however with correct and gentle handling and a lot of patience, you can win your rabbit’s trust and turn him or her into a pleasure to own.


We can now offer a single combined vaccination for myxomatosis and Viral Haemorrhagic Disease. This is an annual vaccination which can be given from 5 weeks of age. Call 01803 558588 and speak to one of our nursing team for more information.

Fly Strike

Fly strike is a potentially life threatening condition where flies lay eggs on the soiled areas of your rabbit and the maggots hatch out and burrow into the skin. It is essential that you check your rabbits rear end at least once daily throughout the summer months and keep their living conditions clean. Call our vets immediately if you find fly eggs or maggots on your rabbit.


To keep your rabbit’s teeth and digestive system working properly, feed a diet of 75% hay, 20% fresh greens and only 5% dry food. This also works out much cheaper for you as well as keeping your rabbit in tip-top condition.

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