Helpful pet health and wellbeing advice from Silverton Vets:

Dangers of Christmas for pets

A handy overview of hazards to pets that you should be aware of during the festive period.

Pets and Fireworks

Some tips to help you prepare in plenty of time and keep your cat or dog happy and secure.

Dog Prostate Advice

You might be surprised to hear that 80% of un-castrated dogs over 5 are likely to be suffering from prostate disease.

Dog Dry Eye Awareness

Natural tears are essential for healthy eyes. Dry eye is quite common – 1 in 22 dogs are affected.

Pet Dental Care

How to tell if your pet has tooth disease.

Arthritis in Cats

Cats are natural athletes but, over the years, this high level of activity can take its toll.

Backyard Chickens

Silverton Vets is now a Chicken Vet Associated Practice. Here we look at the basics of keeping chickens as well as common conditions and diseases that may affect them.

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